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Om Namaste Vector Pack – Printable SVG


Om Namaste Vector Pack is a handmade unique Digital Art that I made with special attention to detail.

I love design, and I also love the most powerful symbol in the universe, with all its meaning. So, I decided to combine the AUM with the lightness and softness of nature and flowers, and it has matched perfectly. I have to say: it was such a joy to create it. I’ve got into something like a “zen state” and the design process just flowed.

After creating the Floral OM I realize that it could give it a final touch with the Namaste word that is so powerful. That is a bonus art, my greetings to you, everyone that enjoys beautiful and meaningful things.

It’s amazing how beautiful and light it gets when printed in a T-shirt or a Cup, or even in a frame. Feel free to use as you wish, you are only limited by your imagination. Please note that this is a digital product, instant download only.

  • 1 – OM, AUM Floral Symbol;
  • 2 – OM Small Namaste and Large Namaste in Purple;
  • 3 – OM Small Namaste and Large Namaste in Green;
  • 4 – OM Small Namaste and Large Namaste in Black;

All art styles listed above will be available in all file formats: AI | EPS | PDF | JPG | DXF | PNG | SVG